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check it out if youre interested in this dead shell

Starting May

Rooxila, May 7, 10 2:33 PM.
Happy 5 de mayo :D
lol that kinda holidays mean nothing to Americans but us and we don't even make that much of a hassle. Anyways there's never a reason not to drink and party ^^
First of all this and past week were really neat i liked how the LS is moving, we still need more people to join so if you're here as a potential member AKA applicant check this out, the stuff were currently doing is really impressive taking into consideration the amount of people we currently have. We want to grow as a LS and we're currently doing so!
Anyways our two omegas we did were not as we expected on drops, head x2 and feet x2 but we do have some happy members with the feet! There's another omega down the line so i hope we get some legs from it!
Dyna Xarca was as always horrible... we only got BRD pants as drop so not as we expected. We did some Windurst after that which neated well, typical relic drops... i just hoped Xarca was more like that >.>
We did some VNMs to finish Trials for members and we now have this new 93 DMG Great Sword! Does wonderful work!
Anyways this is what we got this week:


Lowbo obtained Homam Gambieras
Skyknight obtained Homam Gambieras

Archangelgab obtained Homam Zucchetto
Ennayram obtained Homam Zucchetto

Dynamis - Xarcabard

Roox obtained Bard's Cannions

Dynamis - Windurst

Speed obtained Warrior's Mask
Dylorian obtained Warrior's Mask

Ryushin obtained Cleric's Duckbills

Bubbo obtained Koga Hatsuburi
Skyknight obtained Koga Hatsuburi
Thewitcher obtained Koga Hatsuburi

Virtuosus obtained Sorcerer's Gloves


Serveroz obtained Albion (DMG 93)


Rooxila, Apr 23, 10 8:49 PM.
So we started out this week pretty nice, without considering our way LATE night limbus everything ran smoothly. Our first Omega was successful, we even got 3 chips so less farming sirs!
Our first dynamis run was clean, just a little messed up in drops at the beginning but aside from that we managed to get ourselves a big money :D so yeah our ls bank is now good enough.
So yeah this is what we got this week:


Speed obtained Homam Gambieras

Serveroz obtained Homam Manopolas

Dynamis - San d'Oria

Bubbo obtained Argute Bracers

Bubbo obtained Duelist's Boots

Virtuosus obtained Koga Hakama

Dylorian obtained Melee Hose

Archangelgab obtained Mirage Bazubands

So this was it, next week will hopefully be full of more drops, and this is just a little bit of what we are aiming for!
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